Welcome to my new website!

Hello everyone out there in cyberspace!

It’s been about a month now.  Time for an update! The site is still new and we are still adding and fixing things! Please feel free to look through all of the pages and leave me comments if you like!  It is a work in progress…

The CD is mixed and ready to be mastered!  It’s called “Drawn to You”.  At the last minute, my producer-friend, Scott Mayo suggested I add one more song to the project with me playing piano!  It’s a brand new one I just finished writing last week! This is a first for me.  What fun to sit at the piano singing and playing with head phones on! As soon as it’s done, I will post a song for free before I send the project over to CDbaby and itunes.

Please enjoy and thanks so much for checking it out!

Love, Light and Blessings to all! Kevyn

6 thoughts on “Welcome to my new website!

  1. Hi Kevyn,

    Old fan of yours from back in the 90’s when I first saw you at the Blue Note Cafe in Studio City, which of course is long gone. Anyway, I have some of your albums and really enjoy them. Be great to see you live again. Any chance you would tour the Pacific Northwest? I work in Vancouver BC, but oscillate between there and Seattle. Every time I am at Jazz Alley in Seattle I think of what a perfect venue it would be for you. Anyway, hope all is well.

    A big fan,


    • Hello Jim,
      Thanks so much for writing to me! As I have mentioned to a few others her, I have a new agent helping me with my new CD and I think there will be lots of touring coming up to promote the project! Yes, Jazz Alley is great spot, I sang there with Sergio Mendes a few year back, big fun!

      All the best to you, Kevyn :)

  2. Hey Kevyn!!!
    Great, SOOOOOOOOO GREAT!!! to see you back with a new Website and a New CD coming out. I am looking forward to it…Can’t Wait!!!! I am so happy to see you Blowing Your Horn again…It’s Marvelous, Never Give Up Baby!
    My Best Wishes For You,

    • Oh thanks Kenny!
      I am trying! The new CD is exciting for me and I so hope it is well received…
      How are you doing?
      Blessings, Kevyn :)

  3. Hi Kevyn,

    I really like your songs and hoping you’ll return back to Manila soon. I really like your songs and I always play “Sunlight” every morning to get me going at work. Hoping to hear your beautiful voice again in Manila.

    Cheers and all the best.


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