Kevyn has taught many student who have developed a deep appreciation for the technique she has passed along. Here are comments from some of them as well as some from colleagues in the profession:

“Kevyn Lettau is one of a handful of artists (Ella Fitzgerald, Mark Murphy) that have stretched the creative band to new levels.  She can take a spontaneous Brazilian rhythm or riff and travel to new realms, leaving even her band behind, never dropping a beat, moving in and out of songs as if she had planned her spontaneous inventions in advance.  She is a brilliant singer and performer as well as lyricist.  Her lyrics are deeply beautiful, dealing with universal subjects that are written in such a way to speak very personally and individually to those listening.

As a teacher, Kevyn Lettau is the most focused knowledgeable pedagogue, I know. Passionate about this subject, she ensures that her students not only make great progress singing, but leave with pedagogical knowledge that will aid them in becoming teachers themselves. Her studies have been investigative and long and she has written a book to further aid her students.  She is a focused, caring, warm and devoted teacher with abundant knowledge in developing the singing voice.  If I could, I would study with her.”

– Sunny WilkinsonJazz Recording Artist, Asst. Professor of Jazz Studies Michigan State University, Co-Founder of the Sisters In Jazz Mentoring Program.




“I’ve known Kevyn for about 15 years and have found her to be one of the most dedicated teachers I’ve ever known.  She truly has a passion for the great work she does with her students, and that coupled with her vast knowledge of the voice and professional experience makes her a potentially wonderful mentor for aspiring singers.       – Michele Weir


“Kevyn Lettau’s teaching goes beyond the technicality of singing to really address the soul of our instrument. Her method is not about quick fixes or formulaic results, but instead a deep transformational process that will make one rediscover their true voice. With Kevyn, I learned not only about my larynx, pharynx, vocal range, breath control, etc.. but I mostly learned about myself, and how we as singers have the great responsibility of always embodying each and every note we sing. She taught me to become my voice.”        – Debbie Nova


“Being a vocal student of Kevyn Lettau is truly an amazing and incomparable experience. Having the opportunity to study, explore, and strengthen the voice under her instruction is a priceless gift  – a gift one simply could not pass up! From the very first moment you work with her, it is obvious that you are learning from a true master of the voice.”

– Tahkus Ekedal


“What I want to say is not how perfect of a teacher Kevyn is, but how she has a passion in her that makes her the artist and teacher she is. I have personally gone through half a dozen vocal teachers each with nothing to offer but a bland technique and no explanation to back it up, and that’s not what I got from my experience at the L.A. Music Academy with Kevyn as the head of the vocal department.”


– Tarik Batal