Kevyn Lettau

Kevyn Lettau 

This was my first baby back 1990. In many ways the thrill of that experience will never be matched. Everything was so new. The musicians were the cream of the LA crop. The songs were mostly old friends to me already that I had wanted to record for a long time.

We did the entire record including the mixing in 6 days. Because I had no deal and no money it was the only way to go. And actually I am kind of glad we did it like that because everything is very fresh and live sounding. There was no time to go back and rethink how I wanted to sing things. It was first take almost all the way!

My ex-husband Michael Shapiro put the whole project together, calling in favors from old and new friends. I had never met or sung with Russell Ferrante or Mitch Forman who both ended up playing with me over the years. Also Louis Conte and I became friends and of course Jerry Watts, who still plays and records with me!

The music business has changed so much since then. There was still an interest in music that presented the listener with the challenge to be open to something a bit new. I was very lucky and got to do lots of Touring around the release of this album both in the States and in Asia.

I Get a Kick Out of You

Lyrics to Charlie Parker’s solo

Oh baby it’s true you give me such a kick
I can’t imagine thrills and kicks
From anyone dear but you
Yes, it is true my heart beats so fast,
Whenever your around
Thoughts of alcohol and drugs
Just never seem to enter
Into this small brain of mine!
You know you got me so mesmerized

Though babe I admit
I used to love to smoke and drink
But boy,
I’ve changed since you’ve been around me
My life it has sure changes dear,
Oh, what a lovely change here!
Imagining life without you
Seems oh so bland, so bare.
I just want to be with you
Every single moment of each day.
Oh dear, my love for you grows,
Although it’s plain to see your love for me
Is nothing more than just a pastime romance.
Most women would get all upset, freaking out
And crying not believing time will change
The minds of their so young foolish men!
Yes it can be done!

Come to me my sweetheart,
My love for you is real
Oh baby, I promise I’ll be here for you
Open arms and soul,
Just waiting for your love to be true
I know that someday you will realize
I am the one for you
Time it will tell us,
I know that this is real
Because of the kick you give me!

Whenever you’re near me, oh my dear,
Thoughts of a plane ride in the sky,
Or cocaine taking me so high,
My love I would rather sit at home
With your picture
Meditating on how sweet your kiss will taste!
Oh honey, it’s the kick you give me,
That will make me wait eternally
For love from you
I know that it will soon be here!
Oh your kick is strong!

Your Smile

I look in your eyes and see lightning
the tremble, the thoughts, it’s frightening
I listen to my inner voices
Singing a song about you
The stroies we were told as children
When we touch they are coming true

you hold me and time is my witness
I’m helplessly drowning in sweetness
My heart is a snowball on fire
Your laughter is feeding the flame
I wil long for your love forever
Like a force longs for the rain

Your smile, it is the key to my fortrees
It has the power of magic
It is the door to my heart

I’m watching the sun slowly fading
and watching the stars invading
The sky and the night come to rescue
All the people in love
No mercy for such tender feelings
In the eyes of the burning sun

Tahiti Nui – Obi

A lill, a lullaby
A melody of anything you’d like to hear
Open ears, lose your tears for the joy of morning

A tree, a brook, a thousand ways to say hello
I’d love to trace your smile
The shadows dancing, tripping, sliding thru
Let her lead the way to tahiti nui

The scent of pine, the taste of wine
I’ve known such passion in a life ago
Tracing memories I now recall there meaning

A flick, a flack, a fumbling track
Of songs I used to whistle in this haze
I’ll take a bow and vow to spark in you
Let her lead the way to tahiti nui
Let her lead the way to tahiti nui

Feel the sun upon your shoulders
Rainbows so bright surround you
Circling, I’ve known it, you told it
My brothers, in moonlight
The naked feel of water on my skin

The stars shine bright, I’m losing sight
And wondering how and when with whom, and why
Spirit of music calling me to say
Let her lead the way to tahiti nui
Let her lead the way to tahiti nui

On Your Mind

You’ve got me up till too late in the night
My mind keeps ramblin’ feeling uptight
I’m wondering bout the things you say
About the way you play with me
And I’m praying
Baby, have I’ve been on your mind?

I watch you sleepin’ here by my side
I wish to tell you thoughts I can’t hide
It seems so easy in our dreams
I’m whispering my fears to you
But baby come the dawn I’m praying
Have I’ve been on your mind
Say it again

Do you like it when I dance
Or would you like it with romance
So come on show me boy right now
That I’ve been on your mind

I long to find my place in your heart and home
Please lead me there can’t make it alone
So strange to think of the times
I feel too shy to ask you baby
Cuz now you’re showing me yeah
That I’ve been on your mind

Do you like it when I dance
Or would you like it with romance
So come on show me boy right now
That I’ve been on your mind

Bridges (Travessia)

I have crossed a thousand bridges
In my search for something real
There were great suspension bridges
Made of spiderwebs of steel

There were tiny wooden trestles
And there were bridges made of stone
I have always been a stranger
And I’ve always been alone

There’s a bridge to tomorrow
There’s a bridge from the past
There’s a bridge made of sorrow
That I pray would not last

There’s a bridge made of colors
In the sky high above
And I’m certain there must be
Bridges made out of love

I can see him in a distance
On the rivers of the shore
And his hands reach out in longing
As my own have done before

And I call across to tell him
Where I believe the bridge must lie
And I’ll find it, yes I’ll find it
If I search until I die

When the bridge is between us
We’ll have nothing to fear
We will run through the sunlight
And you’ll meet me halfway

There’s a bridge made of colors
In the sky high above
And I’m certain there must be
Bridges made out of love

La, la, la…

Shooting for the Stars

Soon it will be time
to be rid of the day
leave it all behind
cause I want to take you away

there’s a quite place
out under a heavenly light
standing face to face
we’re going to capture the night

It’s been coming on
this emotion that we share
sweaping us along
we can ride it anywhere

Chorus We’ll be shooting for the stars tonight
honey, we’ll be headed for the stars
shooting for the stars with hopeful hearts
and a love that will show us how to fly

When I held you near I could only exist
life was bright and clear
beginning the moment we kissed
it goes on and on
whenever I see you I know

where we both belong
and this is the night we will go
to a higher ground
where there’s only you and me
sure of what we’ve found
we can let it set us free

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