“Love of anything is the creature of knowledge and love is all the more ardent
as knowledge is more certain.”   Leonardo DaVinci

Kevyn Lettau has taught singing for over 30 years in classrooms, workshops and privately in the States and abroad. She developed the vocal curriculum for the LA Music Academy and was head of the Vocal Department for 10 years. Kevyn has also taught privately and at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

Kevyn brings her 30 years as a Professional singer and recording Artist to her teaching and offers students a well-rounded approach to the art and craft of singing.

In her own words:I try to help my students realize their goals by stripping away limitations and false expectations sometimes with humor, and hopefully always with humility.”

WithKevyn’s enthusiastic support, her students develop their authentic voice, through a combination of her guided support and their own self discovery.  This balance of nurturing technique and disciplined focus is  unique and rewarding; one which offers each student a congruent and personal training experience.  Whether teaching one-on-one or sharing her rich improvisational knowledge in a group or workshop format, Kevyn offers a remarkable mentors’ vision.

Kevyn began teaching shortly after she began her professional singing career, recognizing the opportunity to share her singing technique with others.  As she learned how to communicate these suggestions and tips to other young singers, Kevyn discovered a lifelong joy in guiding others, watching them advance and become better singers.

A sample of Kevyn’s teaching Techniques:

  • Using your voice in a natural healthy way
  • Expanding your range
  • Transitioning through your breaks smoothly
  • Defining and refining your strengths with regard to technique, style and interpretation
  • Creating and developing your own personal sound and style
  • Breaking through emotional barriers that keep you from becoming the very best you can be!
  • Improvisation and adlibbing techniques

Classes are offered in 1, 2 or 3 hour sessions

Kevyn also teaches a weekly teacher-training course and a Jazz Vocal Improvisation Course

phone – 619-550-2757,  email – kevynlettauwebmail@gmail.com